Ferrovivo is an Italian company founded in Viterbo in 2004.

Initially the idea was to create a laboratory / workshop where to carry out commissioned projects, whether it was a small item or great sculpture, relying on great openness and flexibility.

Quickly, while working in most varied creative fields, Ferrovivo find its ideal business in the production of furniture design.

Ferrovivo begins to work in this area with the desire to bend the logic of mass production to the ever increasing need for exclusivity and refinement in product design.

The most important product of Ferrovivo is the Hanger Trees that reinterpret the old concept of the cumbersome, anaesthetic clothes hangers.

The anonymous clothes hanger turns into an original and unique piece of design, able to play a major role in our households.

Through the years and its extensive experience, Ferrovivo has expanded and enhanced its range of products, offering more than 20 models of clothes hangers and new products, including mirrors, headboards and so on.

Our strengths are: quality, originality, attention to detail and the guarantee of a product entirely made in Italy.