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Ferrovivo offers many standard models with a wide range of shapes and styles. Ferrovivo offers solutions to suit your space needs, including planning and design of customized products.

If clothes hangers, console, mirrors or headboards must be adapted to a wall with switches, junction boxes, intercoms, heaters and everything else, send us an e-mail with detailed measurements of the wall.
Accurate measures simplify our project preparation. Taking detailed measures of the wall is fundamental and allows you to maximize available space.
After choosing the item to customize among the clothes hangers, consoles, mirrors or headboards, make sure to indicate the initial standard model (e.g. San Francisco, Antigua..) which is required in order to make your customized product.

You may quote individual items of different models to obtain an ideal configuration!


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Custom requests

Use this form to contact the Ferrovivo “Customisable product laboratory” or send us an email to info@ferrovivo.it

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